All horses that are offered for sale here are handpicked for their athleticism, soundness and general demeanor. I pride myself in producing well behaved horses that are ready to take on the world when they leave my barn. All of these horses have excellent ground manners, and are completely accostumed to the usual variety of tasks (clipping, loading, farrier, etc.). 

   I have wonderful connections in the racing world that provide me with eyes and ears on local Thoroughbred prospects. Some of the horses you see below are ones that I have galloped in their previous jobs and now are entering racetrack rehab.

La Vie En Rose

2005 Thoroughbred Mare: Eventer & Foxhunter

    Ella is an absolutely lovely 7 year old mare who will become a wonderful mount for any discipline for her future rider. She never raced, and was only under saddle for 3 months when she was three years old, and has spend the majority of her life living in a field with some retirees. I found her there two years ago and bought her as a project. She is therefore a slightly unseasoned 8 years old, however, her can-do attitude and general acceptance of new things makes training her an easy job. 

    Ella is a flashy, athletic mover and very rideable and quiet on the flat. She has three wonderful gaits and will perform very well in the dressage ring. She has perfect changes both ways. She appreciates a soft hand on the flat.

   She has competed through Training level successfully, with scores in the low 30's in Dressage and never a cross country penalty. She is a machine on the cross country and never bats an eye at any type of fence. She is never strong or hurried, and quite a pleasant ride. She goes in both jumping phases in a hackamore. 

  She always wants to please, and her only fault is occasionally trying too hard. Ella doesn't just want to be good, she wants to be PERFECT. She needs a quiet rider who will explain things calmly. She is currently in training with me, but gives lessons to amateurs two to three times a week both on the flat and over fences. She is very correctly trained, and therefore rewards a job well done. 

   Ella will perform in a variety of tasks. She has competed through Training level Eventing, local hunter and jumper shows, as well as straight dressage. She will be doing her first season of Foxhunting this fall, and shows great promise for that. 

    Ella has impeccable ground manners. Cross ties, ground ties, bathes, clips, loads, perfect for the farrier and the vet. I would let a three year old handle this horse any day of the week. 


      Let this horse prove your chestnut thoroughbred mare stereotypes wrong! She embodies everything that is good about mares, and the athletic prowess of a good thoroughbred. She is never mare-ish, and absolutely the sweetest horse that I have ever owned. 

Asking $18,000


Millennium Sunrise "Milo" -- Congrats to Maggie Miller in Wyoming!


Shakey's Prize


                      "Oliver" sold to Sally Cousins  

                     (now winning at Preliminary)    

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              "AM Memory" sold to Claire Mattox

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          "Too Much Tango" sold to Sharon Grelsamer

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           "Just In Time" sold to Arielle Podlejski

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