Where would I be without my equine partners? Each and every one of them is my lifeblood, my motivation to get up in the morning, to ride through the wildly hot summer and the bitter cold of winter. All of the horses that have passed through my life have taught me invaluable lessons. They are my partners in crime, my best friends, my greatest challenge and the pride of my heart. 

       I have been lucky enough to ride some truly amazing horses in my career, and more than anything else, my goal is to create horses that are proud of themselves, and content in their job. I like to keep my barn fairly small, so that I can really spend a lot of time on a personal level with each individual. I have been known to spend hours in the stall or field observing a tricky character, watching their interactions with other horses and letting them watch me. As a child, I found that learning their mannerisms and ways of communicating was much more effective than trying to force them to comply with my human agenda. Not to get too Monty Roberts on you, but I certainly value the simple benefit of observation in the "wild". Each horse will give you clues about their personality based on how they interact in a herd, and as I want to be the ultimate boss mare, I soak it all up. 

       Please click on the photos to the left to meet some of the horses that I am currently working with, as well as some of those who I have previously ridden. 

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